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Explore Asian art and culture at the Texas State Museum, featuring unique exhibits, educational programs, and special event spaces.

Welcome to the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures & Education Center, founded in the 1960s by Billie Trimble Chandler. Located in Corpus Christi’s SEA District, our museum bridges the rich histories and cultures of Asia with Texas through a vast collection of art and artifacts.

We offer a dynamic range of exhibits, including the world’s largest display of Hakata Dolls in our Hakata Hall. Our educational programs provide hands-on learning experiences in Origami, Calligraphy, and more. Our beautiful spaces are also available for rental, perfect for hosting your special events.

Opening hours

Wed ‒ Sat: 12PM ‒ 5PM
Sun - Tues: Closed For Rental


Adults – $6.00
Senior/Military – $5.00
Student – $4.00
Child 4-12 – $3.00

Building A Better World Begins With Me

Billie Chandler
Celebrating Asian Cultures and Education

Our Collection


  • India in sound and color


  • Ties to Thailand


  • Philippines exhibit


  • Korean display


  • Chinese display
  • The collection includes a six-foot jade Chinese warrior
  • Chinese porcelain


  • Singapore taxi cab


  • Yamaga paper Lanterns
  • Oishi Junkyo the armless artist
  • Japanese theater masks (bugaku, noh, gigaku)
  • Samurai armor
  • Hakata Hall
  • Tea and Sake display (rotating)
  • Meiji restoration (rotating)
  • Woodblock printings
  • Haniwa and Kofun Display
  • Origami
  • Mt Fuji wall
  • Over 800 Japanese Hakata dolls and paintings
  • Traditional costumes
  • Pathways to Buddhism
  • The collection includes a five-foot bronze Amida Buddha

General East Asia

  • Clothing of the East family interactive
  • The collection includes traditional costumes

Mixed Use

  • Rotating display area
  • Weapons
  • Mixed use Classroom area
  • The collection includes collections from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia
  • The museum’s educational programming for school children, multilingual and multicultural experiences

Other Notable Artifacts

  • The General (1,800 lb jade statue)
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1809 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

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Wed ‒ Sat: 12pm ‒ 5pm
Sun ‒ Tue: Reserved For Private Events

Adults – $6.00
Senior/Military – $5.00
Student – $4.00
Child 4-12 – $3.00

1809 N Chaparral St
(361) 881-8827