Academic Programs

Programs focus on a variety of topics including:

  • The history of many different events and locations throughout Asia.
  • Sumi-e (ink wash) and fish print painting.
  • Hands-on activities such as origami, calligraphy, using chopsticks, kite building, and more.
  • Folklore and mythology stories.
  • The history of many of the artworks and items in the museum
  • Live weapons demonstrations

Program length and size are customizable on request. Most classes can run anywhere from 10-45 minutes easily. Most programs are or can be set up for variable or multiple age levels.

A field trip to the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures is an excellent way for any group to learn more about Asia. We have a number of Lesson Plans correlated to T.E.K.S and national standards.

Virtual tours are available as well, with new lessons being added to our catalog all the time.