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Special Ninja Day!

August 16, Wednesday

6:00 pm-7:30 pm


[Pre activity]

5 pm -the museum tour

5:30 pm Origami Ninja Star making

📯Great News!!

The famous Ninja expert, Hiroshi Ikeda, is coming to our museum from Iga where known as ninja town in Japan and let us know the true ninja knowledge and wisdom.

So what is Ninja? He will answer all your questions and demonstrate ninja techniques.

He is known as an eminent “ninja expert”, as well as a ninja researcher, historian, botany researcher, place-name researcher, chair of the
Iga Ninja Study Group and Vice Chair of the Iga Place-name Study Group.

In October 1991, he moved from Osaka to Iga for ninja research. He studied under Yasumasa Sawamura, Professor Emeritus at Mie National University, a descendant of the Iga clan, who explored the warship Berry Expedition in 1854.
It advocates “Ninjalogy” as a method of survival, mainly offering ninja lessons, writing, lectures, etc., to help children learn the ability to survive in modern society.
Mr. Ikeda has been lecturing at various schools at Iga and overseas as well.

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