Hakata dolls are a type of Japanese ceramic doll that is known for its aesthetic beauty and has a long history dating back to around 800 years ago. They are created by craftsmen and dollmakers in the Fukuoka region of Japan and have gained widespread recognition within the country and abroad. The first lord of Fukuoka, Kuroda Nagamasa, is credited with establishing the foundations for the modern Hakata dolls in the 1600s. In the 19th century, several master dollmakers produced exceptional examples of Hakata dolls that gained popularity across Japan. These dolls were also showcased at the 1890 Exposition Universelle de Paris, where they were met with great acclaim and sparked an increase in demand for them overseas. Today, the tradition of creating Hakata dolls is carried on by nearly 100 dollmakers.

This Lesson Plan can be used for Elementary to Highschool level in the subjects of:

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