Beauty of My Culture Call for Art

2024 Theme "Innovations"

The museum’s first Beauty of My Culture Exhibit featuring local artists was held in May 2023! 

This exhibit was to celebrate and honor the rich cultural heritage of Asian Americans. As part of the celebration, we’re invited artists of all backgrounds to submit their works that depict or celebrate the Asian American experience. Whether a painter, photographer, sculptor or any other type of artist, we wanted to showcase local talent and creativity during this important month.

Below are the artist and their works.

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Name: Jake T. Hackman

Title: Lotus Lilly

He is a middle school student who loves art and nature. He created this artwork in remembrance of the beautiful scene when he saw in Japan.  He saw lotus flowers in the moat surrounding Shimabara castle when he visited the castle in Japan with his family. The flower catches his eyes every time and makes it very special to him.

He combined the Kanji, also known as a Chinese character, in the banner behind the flower. It is his middle name. His middle name has 1 Kanji which has been passed down for generations in his family. The kanji 俊 (meaning outstanding talent and eminent) has been in the man of his family’s name for four generations. It started with his great grandfather then, to his grandfather, uncle, and then he (and his brother). 

When he learned the lotus flower is the symbol of strength, resilience, and rebirth, he got the idea to combine it with his name in his drawing to showcase his culture.